I've joined the dark side - Must Install Apps and More

So, after debating about it for quite some time, I finally got myself a Mac! Now, I got myself a Mac book pro 15 inch and it pretty much cost me a fortune. So far, I've been playing around with it, and I gotta say, that I would prefer ...

Updating Pycharm 3.0.2 on Ubuntu

Now, I've just come out of an issue with Jetbrains PyCharm 3. The problem was this, updating the software to 3.0.2. I had 3.0.1 installed. Now, when the update initially came around, the IDE told me, that I had to download the entire file all ...

Fabric Entry Creation

So, in my attempts to create a functioning static blog generator using pelican, I've been using fabric to create my entries so that I can easily sort them according to their dates.

Here's the code:

def make_entry(title='default'):
    today = datetime.datetime.today()
    slug = title.lower().strip().replace ...

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